slow tire leaks

Have you ever been driving your car, and felt that not-so-great feeling of watching your tire pressure indicator start blinking? It might be a slow tire leak. Slow tire leaks are more common than you think. In fact, most drivers will suffer from a slow tire leak at some point in their lifetime.

I’m sure many of us have seen a slow tire leak before, or even had one ourselves. It can be frustrating to see your tires slowly deflate and you wonder why the air is slowly escaping from them. You look at the sidewall of your tire and think “there isn’t a hole there, it must be something else”. But it isn’t – there is most likely a puncture in the tire that itself is tiny enough that you can’t see it.

Below are the things to look for if you’re experiencing a slow leak

Punctured Tire

A puncture will not always cause the tire to immediately go flat. Infact, most of the time the object that caused the puncture or damage gets stuck in the tire preventing the air from immediately leaking. Therefore, Ignoring a puncture can prove to be dangerous. 

Tread Separations

Slow tire leaks are caused by tread separations. More often, they are the result of poor wheel alignment and wheel damage. The wheel must be in good condition for the tire to maintain its shape and not develop a slow leak. Replace any bent or damaged wheel right away. Check your wheel alignment and tighten lug nuts as necessary. You may also purchase extended-life tires that help prevent damage to your wheel rims. 

Damaged valve stems

Damaged valve stems is another common cause for slow tire leaks. Time and usage can cause your valve stems to get damaged and be the reason for slow leakage in tires.

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