What is a Pothole?

A pothole is an example of a sunken portion of the surface that is caused by water erosion. It occurs when water gets into cracks in the asphalt and freezes, eroding the dirt base. Over time, the dirt base becomes eroded and causes the road to lower. This can happen slowly over time or it can happen quickly when there are massive crevices that result from the water causing the asphalt to detach from the dirt base.

How Potholes Affect Your Vehicle

There are quite a few reasons why your car can be affected by potholes. The least of which is that you need to go check on the condition of your car if you happen to be driving in an area with potholes. After all, there’s always that chance that your entire tire may get knocked off its axle because of one deep enough pothole. But at the very least, you should check and see if/where your car is leaking, or if there are any obvious cracks​ anywhere on your car. Let’s discuss these reasons to avoid potholes on the road in a bit more detail.

1- Your Vehicle’s Tires

If there is one type of car damage you can prevent, it’s this one, caused by potholes. With proper care, your car’s tires can last a long time without developing those unsightly dents and bulges. Learn how to keep your car’s tires in great shape, and avoid having to deal with problems caused by potholes.

2- Your Wheels

Potholes, along with other road-related damages, are a nuisance at best and a danger to your tires and wheel alignment at worst. Keep your eyes peeled while driving so you don’t run over one or skid along its sharp edge, but otherwise be happy knowing an auto repair can take care of it!

3- Exhaust

A car’s exhaust is, of course, its pipes that harness all the gases that combust inside the engine and release them to be set free into the atmosphere. As for potholes, if you drive around any city long enough, you’ll make plenty of acquaintances with them (and their “friends”, the road ruts). Whenever your vehicle hits a pothole or a rut with its suspension lowered, one of your car’s exhaust pipes will hit a bump as well. That causes that pipe to vibrate and resonate.

4- The Body

Potholes are unsightly, deform the road surface, and are a public safety hazard. They can also do serious damage to your car’s body if you hit one at a high enough speed. Even at low speeds, hitting a pothole puts undue stress on a car’s bodywork and suspension components, which can cause failure down the road if repairs aren’t performed.

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